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My name is John B. Hynes III and I am the owner of Hynes Roofing.  I am a native Houstonian and the Hynes name is synonymous with trust, integrity, respect, and hard work. These are values I learned from my father, John B. Hynes Jr., and my grandfather, John B. Hynes, while working at Hynes Bakery as a young boy. Hynes Bakery was located in the downtown area on Houston Avenue for over 50 years and was thought by some to be a landmark in Houston.


Much credit to my mother, Judy Hynes, for raising me and my three younger brothers to be respectful towards others and to this day, I still don’t know how she survived it.   My maternal grandfather Leroy Mitchell was truly a people person and lived an incredible life for 97 years. Being a top salesperson in the insurance business, he also instilled in me the importance of being productive and having a positive attitude toward life.  


I decided to get into the roofing business when I was in my mid-twenties.   I began working for a brand new family owned company as a salesman for approximately 20 years. During that time I sold 1000’s of new roof installations and inspected well over 10,000 roofs. I’ve worked extensively with GAF roofing products, but am experienced with other brands of roofing materials as well.  I attended continuing education courses with GAF and recommend their product. The roofing crews I work with, do high quality roof installations in a very timely and professional manner.


I work cooperatively with several major insurance companies assessing roofs for damage from hail, wind, tree and other storm related damage.  My specialty is assessing storm damage, working with insurance companies, diagnosing leak problems, and determining the best way to permanently fix the leaks. I collaborate with the homeowner to determine the best type of roofing systems for their needs.


After learning the roofing business for all of these years I decided to open Hynes Roofing and operate my company using my family name. I will continue to instill the same values of trust, integrity, respect, and hard work into Hynes Roofing and set the same example for my children.  My goals at Hynes Roofing are for customers to trust that we will install your roof safely and with the highest quality workmanship and materials in the roofing industry.  We are fully insured, so you will feel comfortable and protected during the entire process. I will give you an honest assessment and competitive estimate on your roof. We will treat you and your home with the utmost respect. At Hynes Roofing, we pledge to work diligently to make you feel comfortable and happy, so you can enjoy your new roof for years to come.


Remember, the Hynes name is “a name you can trust”. We are not just installing a roof, we’re building relationships that will last a lifetime.



Thank you,


John Hynes



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